The Biebs is not to be beliebed! Just a few weeks after saying that he was done with getting tattoos after showing off snaps of his sleeved arms, Justin Bieber has gone and done it again. He got a neck tattoo.

We have to admit that the neck is serious real estate when it comes to tattoos. Those are no joke and are really hard to hide, unless, of course, JB plans on growing out his hair to conceal it! Neck ink is pretty much considered "tough" and somewhat thuggy, but thankfully, his is as tasteful as it gets and is not ostentatious.

The Biebs' neck tattoo is vertical and reads "Patience." It's tucked right under his ear and the script looks to be somewhat fancy. We all know patience is a virtue, and this tattoo reminds us (and Da Biebs) of that fact.

The singer shared a pic in the studio on his Instagram where the neck ink is incredibly visible. His hands are clasped and either he was tapping away at or cradling his phone or he was totally absorbed and ensconced by what he was doing in the studio. It's probably the latter, although the caption read: "Wondering if she's too high maintenance." Is that a lyric? His thoughts on his on-off ex Selena Gomez?

We don't know.

What we do know is that The Biebs is really starting to look like his ink-covered dad Jeremy Bieber.

For a closer look, check out this snap from Ink City Tattoos in Florida. They posted a shot of the tattoo, writing: "One of my dopest clients bieber himself."

Beliebers, yay or nay on Biebs' latest tattoo?