Justin Bieber is busy tearing up New York City, and he's got romance on his mind while in the Big Apple.

Over the weekend, the Biebs Instagrammed a shot of himself standing on a rock in the city's famed Central Park, donning a white, short-sleeved hoodie, a black fedora, matching black sunglasses and a white bandana wrapped around his waist, overlaying his black pants. The pop star may want to portray a tough image in the photo, but don't let that exterior fool you: JB is a big ole softie.

"Was gonna wait to go to Central Park for when I proposed to my future wife but s--- sometimes things change," he captioned the photo. "I'll think of something more romantic."

Of course, once he wrote the words "future wife," everyone's minds immediately went to Selena Gomez, whom he has been on-and-off with since their initial breakup in 2012. (Things are seemingly on again for the couple, who were last spotted holding hands at Coachella. Not to mention the fact that just last week, the Biebs posted a throwback shot of the two on Instagram.) But it looks like Bieber's future wife -- whether or not it's Gomez -- will just have to hold out for an even better proposal, since JB has promised to pop the question in an even more romantic way.

While in the Empire State, Bieber has been keeping plenty busy, as evidenced by his Instagram. Besides getting a little sentimental in Central Park, he has also released two new songs since he has been in New York (and we have to say, we're loving the new sound.) And he has also managed to find time for his beloved Beliebers, waving to a huge mob of fans while sitting on the sunroof of his car.

"When people try and break u I got your back, just like you got mine," he captioned the below photo of his fans.

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