Hey Beliebers! Justin Bieber has a mission and a message for you: He wants you to 'Push It!'

Biebs took a silly video with his Believe tour crew set to 'Push It' by Salt-N-Pepa. If you've ever wanted to see Biebs, his dancers, his roadies and his handlers shakin' what their mamas gave them to a classic 1986 jam, you have your wish!

Throughout the clip, Biebs and his pals are goofing off, dancing and giggling. We spied with our little eyes manager Scooter Braun, tourmate Cody Simpson, some equipment for Carly Rae Jepsen and, of course, Bieber himself -- and he changes a lot. He wears goofy hats, he rolls around on a Segway and more!

The video is a tool for Bieber to encourage his fans to nab his latest single, 'Bad Day' in order to 'Push It' to No. 1 on iTunes. Clever! Beliebers, are you going to make it work?!