Justin Bieber: Singer, celebrity… cowboy? The 'Baby' singer might not be dueling it out in the wild wild west any time soon, but he certainly looked the part when he went horseback riding in California yesterday, May 12.

Donning a tight, white shirt, jeans, sunglasses and fedora (which could easily pass as a cowboy hat), the Biebs rode a white stallion through the Hollywood Hills. While he had a serious look on his face for the duration of the ride, Bieber enjoyed the adventure, later Instagramming several shots from the trip -- including one where he compares himself to Indiana Jones. Check out the photos below!

JB focuses his concentration on riding the horse, sporting a Pharrell-like hat and headphones in his ears.

Pacific Coast News

The Biebs takes the reigns, digging his boots into the stirrups as the horse walks along.

Pacific Coast News

Bieber also Instagrammed some snaps from his own perspective, posting this shot of himself as he rides the horse, tattoo sleeve in full view.

"Is that young Indiana Jones," Bieber captioned the second shot. "#skintightpants #igottachill"