Things continue to devolve when it comes to Justin Bieber's tarnished rep. The singer's entourage is now being investigated by the authorities after a nightclub brawl. What, is this Chris Brown and Drake, Part II?

No, it's not.

The Biebs' crew was involved in a fight that left one patron of South Pointe nightclub in Southampton, N.Y. laid out on the ground outside the establishment. The victim was injured so badly that he required a hospital visit. Yikes.

The focus of the investigation is the crew, not The Biebs, but this sitch still reflects on him. Poorly.

The incident took place at 3AM on Sunday, Aug. 4. Biebs arrived on site about an hour earlier and was inside the club. A female tried to speak to The Biebs, but was blocked from access. She came back with a dude, who is allegedly the victim that was later laid out.

The victim apparently took issue with his (girl) friend not being allowed to speak to The Biebs. The fact that this guy had the audacity to approach The Biebs sent the singer into a tizzy. He is said to have pulled the victim's shirt and screamed at him.

The Biebs and his posse bounced, but things spilled into the parking lot. JB was in an SUV and popped out of the sunroof onto the hood. Is he a ninja of some sort?

What happened next is not clear, but it ended with the victim out cold on the ground.

reports that The Biebs' team of goons attacked the victim, but it's also said that the victim was aggressive. The victim filed a police report.

No word if The Biebs spewed any saliva and spit near or on the victim...

The Biebs tweeted a note today that could be construed as his response to this drama.