Justin Timberlake is such an amazing live artist that when he comes to play on your radio show, he can't help but bring a visually spectacular element to his performance as well as the perfect audio.

The BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge had to make room for his entire band, including a horn section, and clear the dance floor for JT and company to deliver a funky version of the Jacksons' 'Shake Your Body (Down to the Ground).'

"We gonna go back in time," Justin announced as the band broke into the 1978 dance smash. The singer, casually dressed in a T-shirt and sneakers, then worked up a sweat to a fully choreographed routine.

Yes, the performance was for radio, but JT no doubt knew his set was being filmed. Plus, there was an ecstatic in-house audience watching -- and cheering wildly when Justin asked mid-song, "Are you having a good time?"

Seeing the whole crew dance and shout is exhilarating, but the best part comes after Timberlake exclaims, "I wanna shovel the funk." Watch the video above!