It's no surprise Kanye West isn't a fan of airports. His paparazzi beatdown at Los Angeles International Airport in 2013 is proof of that. Now the rapper is explaining exactly why he dislikes the airline facilities in a failed TV pilot.

Released by TMZ, the footage shows Brett Grolsch, who calls himself the ultimate travel agent to the stars, book a hotel stay for the Chicago MC. And there's one particular scene that shows Kanye explaining why he hates airports and what he does when he sees an overly excited fan inside.

"I try to avoid airports at all costs," he says. "People like to say really stupid stuff to me.....This is one of my moves though: I'll be on the phone, even when I'm not on the phone. This is how you can get away with like not snapping on a fan. What you do is you snap on the person you're on the phone with."

Then Kanye acts it out. He pretends to be on the phone yelling at someone, so the pestering fan can realize that they're bothering him, which makes everyone in the room burst out into laughter.

There's been no word as to why the pilot, which was shot in 2010, was never picked up. Based on the short clip, it doesn't look like a man booking flights and making hotel reservations would make for good TV anyway.