Kanye West believes he is firmly supporting baby mama Kim Kardashian by flying in from Paris, where he is working on his new album and fashion line, in order to attend her doctor's appointments. Nothing like flying in to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars to prove your commitment and dedication, as opposed to say, being there all day, every day, like a normal father-to-be.

TMZ reports that West, who is traveling abroad for "work," has made three trips to L.A. from Paris via a private jet so that he doesn't miss Kardashian's checkups. It was initially reported that Kimmy would be in the City of Light with her man, but she's remained in the U.S., surrounded by her family and lots of people with "KK" initials.

The trips have cost the rapper $100k, but it's not that big of a deal, since his bank account can certainly afford it. 'Ye has also flown the pregnant-and-hating it reality star -- just look at her pregnancy get ups -- to Paris via jet so they could be together, as well.

Yeezy also reaches out to the doctors in advance to discuss appointments and to coordinate the schedule.

We've noticed that Kimye have barely been photographed together recently, and now we apear to know why.

Wow, these two sound like they just hate being apart and are preparing to welcome a child into an anything-but-dysfunctional home. Here's a novel idea for Yeezy: How about putting aside work for a few months in order to be together and await the baby together, since you are fortunate and financially solvent enough to be able to do that, something most average people aren't?

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