Fresh off his "I am not really sorry for humiliating Taylor Swift and making myself look like a fool" interview with The New York Times, Kanye West, aka Yeezus Christ himself, is back in the news. It appears that not only the track listing leaked for his album 'Yeezus,' but also the entire audio. If you dare to download, you can find out more info here

It's strange to call it a "leak" when the album is out next Tuesday, June 18. Album details, like a song list, are usually revealed by the artist's publicist several weeks, if not months, prior to release. But Yeezy is keeping his new disc details close to the vest.

A few versions have leaked, with the listing below reported to be the most recent or most accurate run of songs on what is undoubtedly, at least in Yeezy's mind, a masterpiece that will destroy everything that has come before it and will never be lived up to by anything that comes after it.

The listening party boasted 12 tracks – two album cuts and perhaps a pair of bonus tracks. A previous listing is here.

That Yeezy – always keeping us guessing.

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Reported 'Yeezus' Track Listing:

1. 'On Sight'
2. 'Black Skinhead'
3. 'I Am a God, 'Featuring God
4. 'New Slaves'
5. 'Hold My Liquor' Feat. Chief Keef
6. 'I’m In It'
7. 'Blood on the Leaves'
8. 'Guilt Trip'
9. 'Send It Up'
10. 'Bound 2'