Remember Kate Gosselin? Jon & Kate Plus 8? That dreadful haircut? The now-broken family of multiple multiples that was once TLC's crown jewel has largely been kept from the public eye the last few years. That's all about to change as Kate embarks on a press tour with her oldest girls, Cara and Mady, to set the record straight about the public perception of the family. Although, after this interview, it appears as if the perception is exactly what it seems: unlike their mother, her children hate the spotlight.

Kate's twin girls sat in silence for most of a live television interview on the Today Show to discuss whether they're OK after the drama surrounding their reality show and the acrimonious divorce between their parents. What transpires can only be described as the most awkward 5 minutes of your life.

I can't tell if the twins hate the spotlight they've been forced to live under for most of their lives of if they're just average teenagers who despise their mother. Either way, this is obviously the absolute last place they want to be.