Katy Perry shared a 22-minute, behind-the-scenes feature from her 'ROAR' video. The making-of featurette is about three times as long as the actual official video, but you get a real sense of Perry's creative process and the joy she felt hanging out with the her co-stars aka wild animals.

She really was welcomed to the jungle!

The singer had a good time playing with, feeding and bonding with the animals on the set, like Suzi the elephant, who gave Perry a bath and sprayed water in her face.

The video, filmed in the Los Angeles Arboretum, finds Perry befriended by Ripley the monkey, who likes her boobs. "He's just resting like many of my boyfriends," she says as the animal nuzzles her chest.

Perry said that since it's a lyrically serious song, she wanted a light-hearted visual.

It's like 'Survivor' meets 'Lost' and we watch Perry get to know her tiger friend, also named "Katy."

It's an in-depth look at what went into the making of Perry's video about her ascent as queen of the jungle. We also hear from her stylist, who has been with her since the cupcake bra phase, and he talks about her transition and working with the elephants!

Perry also asks her assistant to allow a tarantula to crawl on her face. Occupational hazards include getting Katy Perry coffee and letting spiders walk on your cheek!

This BTS footage will have you appreciating the 'ROAR' video on a whole other level.