Katy Perry is considered one of the hottest women on the planet, so it may alarm a lot of our male readers to see how well she can pull off masculine drag. The 'Wide Awake' singer dressed like a man to celebrate Ellen Degeneres' 55th birthday on air, and it was possibly the least awkward she's ever looked while dancing.

Entering to a jig and wearing a cheesy '70s-style plaid suit, Perry rocked a short 'do ("I asked for the Anne Hathaway," she joked) and a mustache. She resembled a cross between her idol Freddie Mercury and a serial killer, but the schtick she was going for was classic game show host. "I'm third cousins with Bob Barker," she deadpanned. (She's really not.)

Perry emceed the game "Grab Ellen's Bust." Get your heads out of the gutter -- the bust is of the likeness kind. This time it's not the plaster kind, either, but rather a sewn likeness of Degeneres' mug that looks like a beanbag toy. Two contestants were called down to play, and neither could keep her composure. "She's crying," Perry gushed. "Probably because I look this way."

One lucky lady went home with a trip to Australia, while another nabbed a $1,000 gift card. And everyone else went home with $250 gift cards for Target ... where they could buy Perry's new Pop Chips flavor, Katy's Kettle Corn. Cute!