Katy Perry is a relatively new celeb, having achieved her massive measure of fame in the past five years or so. But that isn't stopping the council (that decides who gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) from giving Perry her own! The singer has been confirmed as a future recipient of a star.

Other musicians set to receive stars include the late Tupac Shakur and '80s pop treasure Rick Springfield.

When Perry will get her star is TBD. Recipients have five years to arrange the ceremony, which they are required to attend unless they are receiving the star posthumously, like the late rapper Shakur is. If a star can't sort their own ceremony, they forefeit the honor.

Jennifer Lopez just nabbed her star – the 2,500 of the walk -- this week!

We can't wait to walk all over Katy Kat on Hollywood Blvd. Congrats, baby girl.

In other KP news, rumors that she is rekindling the flame with her ex John Mayer, and enjoying steamy romps with him, are circulating. We expected that, since she she admitted to Vogue that she was deeply in love with the singer and still is.

We need a dry erase board to keep track of her relationships and romantic exploits at this point.