Katy Perry has admitted that her image is superficial. That's honest of her, but it's true, since outward appearance is usually a fleeting thing. It's her music that's 100 percent real and authentic, and is that which will last and define her through and through.

So no, Perry is not admitting that she's fake. As if! She's as genuine as they come.

"Even the Candy Queen from the 'Teenage Dream' days is still in me," she explained, despite going with a more classic, pinup girl look as she began promoting 'Prism.'

She has ditched her formerly sugary style and her tresses are thanking her for that. She continued, "However, I wouldn't advise anyone to dye their own hair! It was a huge mission going from pink back to black. I had to get professionals involved, or else my hair would have fallen out by now!"

Additionally, Perry isn't spending much time monitoring what the press, the media or the haters are saying about her. She has more important pursuits. She is also very open about the fact that she is the one making the decisions and holding the reigns when it comes to her career.

"I am the captain of my career," Perry said. "But I am also Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson, which is my real name. My image is just something superficial."

Perry also revealed that she canceled her Google Alerts because she can't be bogged down monitoring every report about her. There is life to be lived.

She confessed, "I also try not to pay attention to what other people think of me...I used to have Google alerts set up, which would notify me about everything that was being written about me. But I've stopped all that now. After all, there are more important things in life."

Katy Perry is on the right track.

She reiterated that her main goal is to be as prismatic as her album title. "I just want to make people smile and show myself in a funny light," the singer said.

Mission accomplished!