With 'Roar' soaring up the charts, it's no wonder Katycats are biting at the chance to hear more songs from Katy Perry. Luckily, Perry is a people pleaser and just released two lengthy teasers of tracks from 'Prism!'

And in people-pleasing fashion, despite Perry promising her new album would be "f---ing dark," the songs sound like they could be off of the upbeat 'Teenage Dream.'

Perry dropped 'Dark Horse' and 'Walking on Air' in a promotion for fans to vote on which song will be released early on Sept. 17. ('Prism' drops in full on Oct. 22.)

'Dark Horse' boasts a bizarre combination of EDM influences and Lumineers-style "heys," making for a confusing if enjoyable clip. "So you wanna play with magic / Boy you should know what whatcha fallin' for / Baby, do you dare to this? / 'Cause I'm coming at ya' like a dark horse / Are you ready for a perfect storm? / 'Cause once you're mine / There's no going back." The snippet ends with the very beginnings of a breakdown.

'Walking on Air' is an upbeat ode likely to Perry's boo, John Mayer. The production is reminiscent to 90's dance jams and the lyrics are similarly as simple: "Just when I think I can't take anymore, we go deeper and harder than ever before / We go higher and higher / I feel like I'm already there / I'm walking on air / Tonight / I'm walking on air / I'm walking on air."

So far, 'Dark Horse' is in the lead with nearly twice the votes, so chances are you'll hear the rest of that strangely sexy tune first!

Listen to a Snippet of 'Dark Horse'

Listen to a Snippet of 'Walking on Air'