Katy Perry is in full-on promo mode for her new album 'Prism,' out Oct. 22, three days before her 29th birthday. She sent a gold-plated semi with the date stamped on the side out into the world to announce the news. She also issued a teaser where she torched her 'Teenage Dream'-era wig. Now, she's shared a simple promo photo.

No candy-colored makeup. No Bettie Page bangs. No wigs. No lollipop bras. Just Perry, without a lick of cosmetics (save her obvious concealer and foundation) and shoulder-skimming, shaggy, textured and layered black hair, wearing a mustard yellow fuzzy sweater and ruby red bra.

This is the newer, simple, more stripped down Katy Perry.

We'll hear this pop lioness 'ROAR' when the new single drops.