Katy Perry is said to have issued an ultimatum with her hardcore religious fundamentalist parents in hopes of renewing their relationship.

She was previously slapped with the "devil child" label by her father Keith Hudson, who claimed he wept for his daughter and her generation for worshipping the wrong things. But despite the comment, the singer is reaching out to Mom and Dad to mend things.

She sent her mother Mary 100 red carnations for Mother's Day and even tweeted her love for her mom, as well.

"Their relationship has been frayed but lately it’s reached a point where Katy feels like it’s make or break," a source said. "Yes, she’s a singer and some of her lifestyle choices may clash with her strict upbringing. But she needs her parents to know that she’s not a ‘devil child’ and that she is a good person."

Let's hope Ma and Pa Hudson adopt a WWJD attitude over their daughter's ultimatum and attempt to reconcile and smooth things over.