Katy Perry sticks to her guns! The 'Roar' singer took another page from Lady Gaga's book, going head to head with Australian politician Tony Abbott, refusing to vote for him because of his stance against gay marriage.

Abbott's daughters are fans of Perry, and the politico called in to 2Day FM when Perry was a studio guest.

"When are you coming back (to Australia)? We need you, we want you?" Abbott asked the songstress.

Perry changed the subject quickly, spouting, "Oh come on, that's not a political question. Let's talk about gay marriage!" After urging Americans to speak out against Abbott's stance, she explained, "I love you as a human being but I can't give you my vote. I just don't believe in your policies so that's what a lot of people should be doing."

Pretty interesting coming from someone whose breakout songs exploited and even poked fun at homosexuality: 'Ur So Gay' and 'I Kissed a Girl' put Perry on the map, much to the chagrin of many actual homosexuals.

Still, Abbott and his little ladies still love the one-time candy coated crooner. "I respectfully disagree with a number of people, including my own sister, on this subject, but no doubt we'll all continue to say our piece," Abott explained later. "My daughters for once were envious of their dad."

You can tune in to Perry and Abbott's chat below!