Car crash love. Katy Perry explains that notion and concept in the six-minute, behind-the-scenes footage for her visually stunning 'Unconditionally' video.

Perry points out that when love finds you, it feels like being hit by a car. Indeed, love impacts with the force of an oncoming vehicle, and she furthers that idea in the clip.

'Unconditionally' is Perry's favorite song on 'Prism,'calling it "the crown jewel of the record, the 'Firework…' It's as important to me as that song was and is." Her comparison between songs and albums is noted.

The behind-the-scenes footage is longer than the actual official video, but Perry likes to offer real insight into what you're watching. You should definitely re-watch the video with all of Perry's explanations in mind, since it'll offer a fresh and informed perspective.

The song and the video are also meant to capture the notion of love, be it between siblings, parents and children or someone you brought into your life like a best friend.

Perry hung out with kittens, too! She admitted she was exhausted on the first day of shooting, since she is human, but she was ready to strike a pose in the ballroom scenes on Day 2.

The video is inspired by 'Anna Karenina,' who, we might add, was hit by vehicular love in a totally different way: Karenina threw herself onto the train tracks because she was overcome with heartbreak. However, it's the visuals that nod to the grand nature of that period.

The clip is meant to be beautiful, elegant and glamorous, which are all the ways in which love can hit you. It's a gorgeous, sexy and seductive visual, which was a change of pace, sine Perry videos are usually so narrative-focused and plot-driven.