Kellan Lutz and Miley Cyrus were rumored to be a couple, or at the very least, hooking up in late 2013. Despite the gossip, the actor, who stars in 'The Legend of Hercules,' which hits the multiplex on Friday, Jan. 10, has set the record straight about his status, and his and Miley's status!

"These rumors are hilarious," the hunky actor told Ryan Seacrest on the latter's AM radio show. "It just makes me laugh…I’ve been friends with Miley for like six years. She’s a great girl … we are friends [and] we run in the same circle."

Ah, so it appears Miley and Kellan were guilty by association on some level.

Lutz gushed about Cyrus, calling her a "cool, secure woman" and said he enjoys hang time, but he shot down the romance part.

"Are we dating? No," he said.

The hunky actor affirmed that he is "happily single…I’m not [looking for a relationship] right now. I’m enjoying life and traveling quite a bit … there’s no real time to find the one."

So Miley and Kellan shippers can put this one to bed.

Listen to Kellan Lutz Talk Miley Cyrus With Ryan Seacrest