After almost seven years of marriage, actress Keri Russell, formerly of 'Felicity' and currently starring in 'The Americans,' has split with husband Shane Deary.

Russell's rep confirmed that the couple, who wed on Valentine's Day back in 2007 and have two children together, parted earlier this year, telling PEOPLE, "They have been separated since early summer."

There is no high drama or chaos surrounding this separation, though Russell's Brooklyn home was burglarized this week while she slept, with the sticky-fingered thief making off with a laptop and jewelry.

The rep insisted that things are "amicable," with the former couple's focus remaining on their children. Son River is six, while daughter Willa is almost two.

What a bummer. Russell and Deary, who is a contractor, seemed like such a low-key pairing. We felt the same way when that incredibly good-looking duo Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr announced that their marriage was over.

Russell, 37, will usher in the second season of 'The Americans' on FX in February.