Kesha is anything but(t) demure! The dirty gal of pop music shared some raunchy photos on her Instagram feed, flashing her butt and showing off a thong. She also sat in a very un-ladylike pose, legs akimbo -- and shared an image where she is covered in glitter.

Only in Kesha's world! Check out the links below to see the photos.

The singer, who has rainbow hair, flashed her shapely rump. That looks like dental floss, though.

She was also spread eagle here. Kesha has no shame and that's precisely why we love her. She makes no apologies and does her thing.

And after the glitter apocalypse, Kesha got covered. The 'Crazy Kids' singer makes girly glitter seem so badass, doesn't she?

It looks she is filming a new video, and we can't wait to see her all sexed up and slathered in shimmery glitter.