Grammy-winner Lorde took some time during her busy US tour schedule to chat with the Kidd Kraddick in the Morning crew and revealed some interesting facts, including her discovery of some common candy.

It was only the second night of Lorde's tour, but Jenna and J-Si broke a huge story: Lorde has never seen a Tootsie Roll before. Wow!

"I've never seen a lot of candy from over here" Lorde admitted.

Jenna mentioned how early reviews for her tour have been glowing. The "Team" singer typically avoids reading reviews, but said she's grateful for the support and that so far she's loved playing for the US crowds -- specifically in Texas.

"Texas, there's a specific vibe which I'm loving," she said, adding, "I had BBQ for the first time, it was amazing."

Jenna also asked the Queen Bee about her new friendship with Taylor Swift, and if they bounce ideas off each other.

"Not really," Lorde said. "The good thing about having friends in the industry is everyone is really understanding of each other's workload so we kind of just don't talk about work so much."

Lorde also added that while "becoming a little bit famous" (understatement of the century?!) is a little weird, she does still gets starstruck when meeting other famous people.

"I feel exactly the same," she said. "I'm not famous. I'm just the same freaky weirdo I've always been."

Check out the full interview for more on Lorde's tour, school work and J-Si's candy quiz.