While he may have split from his first love Selena Gomez (or maybe not), which appeared to send him on a downward spiral of bad, bratty and brokenhearted behavior, Justin Bieber isn't soured on love. In fact, the Biebs is still a firm Belieber in the concept and even wants to marry young and have kids.

In his new Us Weekly special issue, the teen hunk reveals that he wants to get married sooner than later, and that his grandparents are the yardstick by which he measures relationships, since they prove that long-lasting love is possible.

Biebs said, "My grandparents Bruce and Diane Dale are my relationship role models. They love each other so much, after so many years! When I'm their age, I want to be as in love with my wife as my grandfather is with his."

Aw! Beliebers, did you guys just melt at that big Bieber reveal?

The Biebs also commented on life after love, which felt like a not-so-subtle address of his split with Sel. "As long as people are kind to each other during a breakup, there is no reason they can't be friends," he mused.

While we're not sure how close he and his ex are in the post-breakup period, as details are nebulous at best, it sounds like he still wants her in his life.

Le Biebs also said that he gets tons of advice, from people who are close to him, about navigating the murky waters of life and love. The best pearl of wisdom? "Be patient and listen. I'm still growing. I'm trying to be a better person every day."

That's all any of us can do, Biebs.