Kim Kardashian was pretty in pink when she hit 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' (Jan. 23). She was not there to talk about classism, like her fiance Kanye West did when he was there to confront the host after their Twitter war.

She was much more fun and chill! We learned that she is currently BlackBerry-free (and okay with it!) and is getting married this year! Find out when and where.

Below is what we learned during Kim's visit. She was super likable, too.

She dropped her BlackBerry in the toilet and hasn't replaced it: She is now a mom and that is more important. "When you have a baby, you just don't care," she said. "I don't care who is emailing me. Nothing else matters." But wait... a BlackBerry in 2014?

Versailles is not her wedding location. "We were just taking a tour, but we will be getting married this summer, hopefully in Paris," she said.

She will take Yeezy's last name: She will be Kim Kardashian West, with Kardashian becoming her middle name. Yeezy won't rap his wedding vows.

The best babysitter in the Kardashian Krew? Khloe. Kim said, "She's the best." Her brother Rob is the worst babysitter. He never showed up for a one-hour babysitting request, which was a trick that Kim orchestrated as a bonding moment for him and North.

The split between Kris and Bruce Jenner was a not a shock: She said that they were more like friends than a married couple for a while.

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