Errrmehgerd! A woman captured a photo of who she believed to be Dax Sheppard while stopping at the Tesoro gas station on Interchange Avenue in Bismarck.

The woman who captured the moment, Rose Burcham-LaFountain told me the photo was taken yesterday (August 16th) at approximately 5:30 pm. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. She said she also saw his wife (Kristen Bell) and their kids in the car. Here's LaFountain's post:

Rose Burcham-LaFountain
Rose Burcham-LaFountain


Fact Checking

So, obviously I'm going to check to make sure it was indeed them; there are doppelgangers out there, I'm sure. I went to Dax Sheppard's Instagram page to see if I could find clues that they were nearby.

  As It Turns Out

They posted pictures from Mount Rushmore and South Dakota two days ago. So, my conclusion is that it WAS them. Maybe they are making their way up to Canada, or they could've been stopping through all the states to see the sights. Even if they were just passing through, it's still pretty cool.

They also posted pictures hiking in Big Brown South Dakota. Check it out:

Big Fan

I have to admit, "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is one of my favorite movies. I LOVE Kristen Bell. Plus, let's not fail to mention her role in the "Frozen" franchise. I didn't even see them and I'm a bit starstruck.

Who Knows?

Maybe they're still here. Maybe they will be in Bismarck for awhile. Be on the lookout and let me know!


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