A study was done by a company called Nasty Gal; it found that North Dakota is a great place for women to cut loose and have fun.


According To Experts

Researchers found that North Dakota ranks in the top 5 for a "Girl's Night Out." Who knew?!

One of the things researchers looked at was affordability. So, we're talking travel services (cabs, Uber, Lyft), cocktail prices, party dress prices, fast food accessibility and cost. They even factored in safety.

Number One State For Girls Night Out?

You might be surprised to find out that Wisconsin is overall, the number one best state for a "Girl's Night Out." Researchers said this is because the state has low-cost cocktails and the highest number of bars and clubs per 1000 people. The average cost of a cocktail in Wisconsin is $7.30.


The Second Best?

Wyoming is the second best state for a "Girl's Night Out." Wyoming comes in second because it is very affordable. The average cost of a fast food meal is $5.90 and the average cost of a party dress is a mere $26.11. -- How in the heck?? I can barely find a top for that much, but okay.


Vermont comes in at number 3. This is mainly because it ranks so high in safety.

North Dakota

North Dakota is the fourth best state for a girls night out according to the source. Nasty Gal says our state has 551 bars and clubs, and our drinks are reasonably priced. And lastly, Iowa was ranked as the fifth best state for a girls night out.



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