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Lady Antebellum Changes Band Name, Apologizes for Racially Insensitive Name

Country music band Lady Antebellum have apologized for any pain their name has cased. The word "antebellum" means occurring before war, but is associated with the Civil War. They said they will drop Antebellum and go by Lady A. moving forward. The band originally chose the name after taking their first group photos in front of an Antebellum-styled home. (via TMZ)

 Whole Foods Considered Safest Pandemic Grocery Store

Whole Foods is considered the safest grocery store to shop at during the pandemic. According to Delish, "62% of shoppers would stop shopping at a retailer not taking health and safety seriously," and Whole Foods was given the highest score on the most important safety measures. They earned 98% because all employees have to wear face masks. (via Delish)

Los Angeles Film and TV Productions Can Restart on Friday

Barbara Ferrer, Los Angeles's county public health director, has announced modifications to the current health order, permitting film and TV productions to reopen. The industry has guidelines that sets will need to follow, including regular COVID-19 testing, temperature screening and symptom monitors. (via Just Jared)

What Does Each Color on the Pride Flag Symbolize?

The Pride flag, which was established around 1979, is represented by a six-colored rainbow. Red represents life, orange represents healing, and yellow represents light, signifying that people who identify as LGBTQIA+ should be who they are. Green represents nature and beauty, blue represents serenity, and violet represents spirit. The modern Pride flag is now referred to as the "Progress Pride Flag" and includes black and brown, which were added in 2017 to show that the LGBTQIA+ community is diverse. Light blue, pink, and white also represent the transgender flag. (via Huffington Post)

Well-Dressed Man  Breaks Into Waffle House, Cooks Three Meals and Leaves

In Georgetown County, South Carolina on Sunday (June 7), a man dressed up in a suit broke into a Waffle House. The man reportedly entered through the front door, sat in a booth and then walked to the storage area to prepare food. He prepared three separate meals before taking disposable gloves and leaving. (via Live 5 News)

Coachella 2020 Officially Canceled

Coachella will not be taking place in October as originally planned following its coronavirus-related postponement. The hope is that the festival will come back next year. (via TMZ)

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