Lady Gaga shared the artwork for the first 'ARTPOP' single 'Applause,' which is due to drop in August. Is it so stunning that it will make you stand up and clap for Mommy Monster, giving her a round of 'Applause?' We'll let you decide once you take a look.

The image was shot by Inez + Vinoodh, who also snapped her naked V photo which leaked last week. The Dutch fashion photographer duo also worked with Gaga on the 'You & I' fashion videos, so her history with the pair is long and deep and they have created some arresting artwork together.

As for the image itself?

Well, Ma Monster's face is surrounded by a white sheet and she has a black cap over her hair while wearing white face paint. The pristine paint is punctuated by blue smears and swirls around her eyes and yellow and orange around her mouth. It's as though her face is a canvas.

At first, it's tempting to look at the photo as clown-like, but it's Gaga and it's Inez + Vinoodh, and therefore it's artfully and tastefully done. It's so much more than clownish and Gaga has yet again reinvented herself as she starts the promo cycle for her new album. She looks nothing like she did during her 'Born This Way' run.