Lady Gaga performed 'Born This Way' in a space pod-like piano and a white, wedding-like dress at a private event, held during the inauguration festivities, for White House staffers on Tuesday, Jan. 22. She turned in a performance unlike anything we've ever seen of this very familiar and definitive song in her catalog. Leave it to Gaga to always change it up and do something left of center, even when performing for diplomats, politicos and President Barack Obama.

She was accompanied by a harp player and a conductor as she soared through a jazzy version of her dance hit. It was certainly 'Born This Way' done adult contempo style.

Gaga also shared a photo of herself and crooner Tony Bennett, who sketched her in the buff for Vanity Fair. She also confirmed that they are working on a jazz album together via tweet.

She tweeted about Bennett being her date and that's when she spilled the album beans. She posted: "And here's me and my handsome date, I simply cannot wait for our album together, he's my darling!" They make quite a pair, those two, don't they?

Check out their adorbs photo, which features them performing together. We can't wait for their album, either. And look at those bubble sleeves on her dress, which was sorta wedding gownish.