A 36-second snippet of Lady Gaga's 'Burqa' from 'ARTPOP' has leaked online. It's a choppy snippet with poor audio quality.

But given the fact that Gaga has been MIA for much of the year as she recovered from surgery, anything, even a crappy, half-minute audio sample, is better than nothing at all.

The lyrics have also been shared online. They are rather boastful, but very Gaga-esque, complete with foreign words.

'ARTPOP' is due out on Nov. 11 as an album and an app. It's multi-media!

Take a listen to a bit of 'Burqa' and tell us what you think. Do you like these leaks or do you want to wait and hear the full, finished product as Mama Monster intended?

See the lyrics to 'Burqa' below.

Wear it out, harmonize, stability.
Disturb the unaware
Put it on, conceal your hair.
Disturb the unaware,
B---- I've been on the cover of Vanity Fair.
Let's get it on, religious risky fashion
Let's get it on, religious risky fashion
Put it on, wear that Burqa all year long
All year long.
Burqa, Burqa, Burqa
Lets get psychotic.
Burqa, Burqa, Burqa
Lets get erotic.
Make them all disagree,
Be the bel esprit.
Beleaguere them with the tea.
Show it off, you're the celebrity.