Lady Gaga wore an ultra-glam white dress made of coffee filters, designed by Gareth Pugh, when appearing on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' before last night's (March 13) gig in Austin. She talked about being a fan and seeing music at SXSW, just like the rest of us.

"I really just wanted to be comfortable for the interview," she joked about her choice in clothes.

She wore a top hat and "hiking" platform sneakers, but was wheeled into the interview in a rickshaw. She also joked, "I am really fat right now because I ate barbecue all week," so she was hiding behind the puffy dress.

"I've been going out every single night, seeing as much music as I can, it's the thing I miss the most, seeing live music, going to bars and wondering around unnoticed," she said. "I don't remember a lot of what happens in the locations. I just know I was there and there was great music."

Her first concert was Jingle Ball in NYC and it was Goo Goo Dolls. They had faux snowflakes and it was the first time she experienced "production" on stage.

We like her dress and the idea of snowflakes as opposed to a vomit painter, who spewed on her during her SXSW performance. We get the rebellion of 'ARTPOP' and the notion of being a future thinker, but puke performance art? Eh, not so much...

Gaga revealed that she went to a death metal show and headbanged with stranger and loved it. She spoke about her monsters being the best fans but she was happy to just be a fan again. That's precisely what we LOVE about her!

Also, during the encore of puke projectile performance at Stubb's, Ma Monster did address the tragedy that befell the festival. The incident saw a car plow into 23 people and kill two during SXSW. Gaga's heartfelt speech is below (provided by DKC PR).

I really want to dedicate this song to the tragedy of last night, because we’re all just wandering the Earth trying to find each other. We all just want to have a good time and suck every bit of love we can out of life, and it’s so short sometimes and it’s so unfair. And sometimes things happen, I know, it’s like, we just go ‘what’s happening in the world, and why is it happening?’ So I think we should take this one moment where we’re having this good time and we just do that thing where we put our phones away and just look at each other right now in this moment. Because when you leave the Earth, nobody’s gonna give a f--k what you tweeted. Nobody’s gonna care what picture you posted. They’re not gonna care about how famous I was. They’re going to care about what you leave here on this Earth, your footprint. They’re going to care about whose lives you saved, the people that you touched. They’re gonna care about that one person you told that one little inspirational thing to, and they look back at you and knew they weren’t alone. So be that for each other right now, and when you leave tonight, go home, grab your guitar, grab your piano, and grab your pen and paper, and don’t give up. Don’t let the machine and don’t let technology take you into a place where you don’t belong. Stay right here on the Earth, we need you. We need you to have crazy thoughts in your head. We need you to have f--ked up dreams. And we need you to fight for them every single day. Don’t not do it because you don’t think it’ll ever happen. Don’t think it can’t happen because it can. I promise you. It’s happening to me right now. So just wander the Earth and spread all the compassion and love you can with every song you write, every film you make, and every bit of art you leave. Just f--king do it and you’ll be happy, I promise.

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