A lyric video isn't just a lyric video for Lady Gaga. Mom Monster's clip for 'Applause' holds fans over until the official video drops next week. Here, she employed the drag queens at Micky's in West Hollywood to help her craft her lively, fashion show-like lyric video for her latest hit.

There's lots of fabulousness, heels, long and false lashes and big hair and we're not even talking about Gaga, who actually does appear in the clip!

The cross-dressers also don makeup similar to from the 'Applause' artwork look, featuring white face paint and smeared colors.

It's fun and cute. Just another night at the drag lounge with Ma Monster.

Gaga also released the behind-the-scenes footage from the filming, with lots of dancing and action. What good times were had by Gaga and the patrons of Micky's.

Ma Monster was doing some of the handheld filming herself. She's fully immersed in the 'ARTPOP' experience, directing it from top to bottom. We love that everyone is singing at the top of their lungs to a song that JUST came out.

Watch Behind-the-Scenes Footage From 'Applause' Lyric Video