Lady Gaga shared a new 'ARTPOP' promo photo and she's wearing a mean, snarling face that's part-frown and part-scowl in addition to sky high wooden platform heels. Oh, did we mention she's also topless?

While Gaga avoided wearing heels while she recovered from her hip surgery – which was a break, not a tear — she's back on her stilt-like shoes, teetering at what looks like a foot taller than normal.

Ma Monster also looks to be holding some sort of prosthetic arm. See it?

She's also rocking cropped black pants, long brown hair and no top. That flowing mane of Rapunzel-like hair comes in hand for covering her boobies and preventing this pic from becoming NSFW.

Rihanna might start to get worried, since Gaga has been getting naked at every turn as she dives into the promo cycle for 'ARTPOP.'

PopCrushers and little monsters, what do you guys think of Gaga's latest promo shot? Is she showing too much skin as of late, or do you love when she strips down and lets it all hang out, so to speak?

The other 'ARTPOP' naked photo is here, and her birthday suit V magazine cover is here. We're sure there's more Gaga au naturel in her and our futures.