Lady Gaga offered short and sweet, audio and visual snippets of 'ARTPOP' tonight (Oct. 14). Ma Monster shared both a 12-second audio snippet of 'G.U.Y.' and the handwritten lyrics to 'ARTPOP' song 'Dope,' which is Track 13 on the record.

The song is an extremely limited sample, but here's what we can tell you. It features Gaga speaking in a monotone voice, begging "love me" and asking for an RT before we hear a brief sample of the pretty chorus. Little monsters known that 'G.U.Y.' is an acronym for 'Girl Under You.' That's also spelled out in the visual.

As for the lyrics to 'Dope,' read those bad boys below. Seeing the words scribbled on a piece of paper makes them feel super authentic and intimate.