Lady Gaga has threatened to sue a jeans maker for naming a pair of easy access jeans "Gagajeans." Easy access jeans?

Ma Monster's legal team sent a legal letter to designer Philip Scott on Oct. 1 regarding the pants, which are described as "sexitized easy access jeans."

Sexitized? Sounds like they'd be the perfect pair for when you want to engage in a quick no pants dance.

Scott's website broke it down as such: "When you see someone real fine-looking wearing them, your mind can only go one place and that is to the zipper."

Those must be some powerful jeans.

Radar Online obtained a copy of the legal paperwork, which suggests that the designer purposefully misleads the consumer into thinking that Gaga endorses or has something to do with the pants.

The legal note read as follows:

It has come to our client’s attention that you have filed an application to register the mark GAGAJEANS and are using the GAGAJEANS mark in connection with the jeans. In particular, you have misappropriated the dominant feature of our client’s mark, GAGA, and merely added the generic term 'jeans.' Your use and registration of the GAGAJEANS mark is likely to cause confusion, mistake, and deception of consumers that Lady Gaga is affiliated with or has sponsored, endorsed, or is otherwise associated with your jeans, and is also likely to dilute the distinctiveness of our client’s trademark.

It appears to be something Scott did with intent, since he reportedly commented on Gaga videos online and tried to shuffle her fans to his website, which has since been suspended.

Gaga's lawyers have asked him to ditch his request to trademark the jeans, to deactivate his website, to stop making the jeans, to destroy the prototypes and to provide accounting for any pairs he has sold.

Smith responded, saying he applied for the 'Gagajeans' trademark and it was available so he thought he could use it. "I have never in any comments or actions tried to fool anyone into believing Lady Gaga is in any way connected to or associated with Gagajeans," he wrote. He also said he will not cancel the application.

Scott also said this is Ma Monster's problem, not his. "Lady Gaga just wants to trademark the name 'Gaga' and has not or cannot... If she had trademarked the name ‘Gaga,’ then I would not have applied for the name 'Gagajeans' for my trademark. But again, you should discuss this with the trademark office as they allowed me to legally apply for this trademark," he said.

The irony in all of this is that Gaga probably hasn't worn jeans in years.