Lady Gaga offered up live versions of 'Do What U Want' and 'Venus' on 'The Graham Norton Show' over in the U.K. She wore two totally different costumes for each perf, which was tame for her.

We expected two to four clothing changes per song or even per chorus of each song.

No, her collaborator R. Kelly wasn't there to participate on 'Do What U Want,' but Ma Monster did gyrate with the guitarist on stage, upping the sex appeal of the performance of the hawt song.

Gaga was also wearing a massive headpiece and heels that made it look as though she was walking on stilts. She was, indeed, larger than life.

She changed things up completely with her performance of 'Venus,' wearing a deconstructed green outfit with seashell bra cups and the frizzy, blonde wig which she was seen sporting while she commandeered London a few weeks ago.

The performance of 'Venus' was super choreographed and perhaps lip-synched in some parts. Even so, it was still entertaining. She took us to her planet and wrapped the perf by strumming an acoustic guitar.

As is always the case with Gaga, it was high, theatrical drama.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Venus'