Lady Gaga surprisingly fired her longtime manager Troy Carter last week on the eve of the release of 'ARTPOP.' So one of Gaga's latest tasks, in addition to promoting the album, is to replace Carter and quickly.

A star like Gaga can't go manager-less for long, especially with a new album and products (like a flying dress) launching. Word is that she has her eye on the man who manages Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears. As if his hands weren't full enough!

Larry Rudolph has managed Brit Brit for years. He guided her career early on, when she exploded, and was brought back into the fold after the meltdown era, and Brit's been soaring ever since. Cyrus hired Rudolph about a year ago as she made her transition from teen idol to post-Disney star and twerkaholic and she's been on everyone's tongue (not her own) for months.

Word is that Gaga and Rudolph are in talks about teaming up. Could you imagine his life, managing three major pop divas with albums out at the same time?

It was Cyrus and her twerking teddy bears that everyone was talking about for months post-VMAs, not Gaga and her opening performance. We're thinking she noticed that. She is likely well aware of who is the driving force behind Cyrus and her revitalized career and wants a piece of that. Yes, Gaga is a huge star who does what she wants, but she needs a strong manager to come in and take over the business side of things and keep her on the right path.