Lady Gaga is known for her insane confidence and her admirable ability not to care what other people think of her. She shows off this attitude not only in her music ('Born This Way,' anyone?) but also in her personal life, with her makeup-free selfles.

But despite the makeup-free pics, Mother Monster still prefers her professional shots to be more edited. And, according to some photographers, she is a "control freak" about the snaps.

Photographers are allegedly instructed to “smooth out her jaw line and thin her arm” and “smooth out and thin her legs,” one insider tells Page Six.

But other photographers claim that Gaga's editing requests are completely standard.

“It’s like with any other artist I work with, and it’s very minimal because we want to get the photos out there right away,” revealed Kevin Mazur, who photographed Gaga during her stint at the Roseland Ballroom this past week.

So, does that make her a hypocrite? Not so much.

Think about it: By posting a selfie, Gaga has control over the angle and filter of the photo, meaning that she calls the shots. (Literally.) But when she's on stage performing, who knows how those snaps will turn out, and anyone with Instagram knows that a photo taken from a lower angle than the subject (like the angle of a photographer in the pit of a show) is one of the most unflattering of all.

Plus, according to Mazur, the parts he retouched were things like "a drop of sweat, an errant lock of hair or a shiny patch on Gaga's forehead." Totally understandable!

PopCrushers, what do you think about Lady Gaga's retouching requests?