Lady Gaga, who's was sidelined by a hip injury and subsequent surgery earlier this year, headed down to Mexico this past weekend in order to be a good friend. She served as a bridesmaid in a high school friend's wedding.

Even though she is one of the biggest superstars on the planet, Gaga still makes time to lookout for longtime friends and to not only help them celebrate big days in their lives but to actively participate in them!

Photos from the affair popped up on Instagram, and online, with Gaga seated amongst other bridesmaids, looking lovely and subdued, by Gaga standards, in a flowing, pretty blush gown and with a cascade of platinum blond locks. She tucked a flower in her hair, adding to the overall romantic nature of the bridesmaids' outfits.

If you didn't know this was Lady Gaga, you'd think it was a photo of a wedding party with a very glamorous blonde. We love that she didn't try to attract attention away from the bride by being too outrageous. She kept it simple and the result was breathtakingly beautiful.

She also helped the lovely bride by fixing her veil. They are both so pretty.

Here she is posing with pals, looking lovely in a colorblocked dress and some serious bling on her neck. She looks warm and fuzzy, like she's such a good friend to the people who've been in her life forever.