Lady Gaga dropped the official audio for 'Venus,' a new 'ARTPOP' track. She also performed the song in London on Oct. 27 at G-A-Y, the biggest gay club in the region. Gaga luuuuuuurves her gay fans, so this was a special treat for 'em.

Plus, the rest of the little monsters can watch the performance, thanks to the wonders of technology.

With her big, drag queen white-blonde hair and her loose, flowy, white dress, Gaga was a bit of an apparition as she delivered the song in live form.

Ma Monster's 'ARTPOP' is also featured in an O2 TV spot across the pond as well.

Wearing a bikini suit made of flowers, and playing with silver balloons, looking like she is contained within some sort of tubing, Gaga is going full bore with her modern Botticelli chick imaging. Her R. Kelly collabo 'Do What U Want' is utilized in the spot, as well.

Gaga will stream the album early in the U.K. through the O2 service, so users can listen to the album five days before it lands in stores. O2 will stream prior to Spotify and iTunes and will have exclusive access to Gaga video content.

The U.S. retail date is Nov. 11.

Watch Lady Gaga's O2 Spot