Lady Gaga joined forces with the Rolling Stones for the 50th anniversary -- and possibly farewell -- concert in Newark, N.J.

The 'Born This Way' singer performed 'Gimme Shelter' with the rock legends, showing off her pipes and quite a bit of cleavage to boot.

The band began the song without Mother Monster. She made a grand entrance at the opening of the second verse. Rocking a low-cut black, gold and silver striped jumpsuit, sky high heels and a long, platinum blond wig, Gaga showed off her moves like Jagger.

... Except her moves were a little stilted and awkward. Jagger seemed to dance circles around the New York native, though part of her stiff footwork may be attributed to her huge platform heels. Though it was the Stones' swan song, Gaga seemed determined to shine in the spotlight on her own, with her "look at me" movements -- and Jagger and the boys graciously let her.

Gaga's vocals meshed beautifully with Jagger's. Though she prides herself on being a pop star, she wouldn't be out of place in a rock band, either.