Lady Gaga's 'Do What U Want' has quite a rich history and it's still in its pop music infancy, relatively speaking. The 'ARTPOP' original featured R. Kelly, while a New Year's Day-released remix swapped out R. for Christina Aguilera. Now, the Gaga-only version has landed online.

Walking down the 'Do What U Want' memory lane...

...the R. version had legs when it was released, and it was raunchy and sexy, Gaga-fied R&B, and it was really about how the mind triumphs over the body, and how Gaga won't let the media and the haters take her out. Steamy stills from the video were released, but the video itself was ultimately shelved and never saw the light of day, despite the positive buzz on the song.

Ma Monster next performed the song on 'The Voice' season finale with Xtina in December and it lead to a commercially released remix. It didn't really go anywhere, despite being double the diva and really awesome.

The feature-free version presents Gaga in her element, belting out her soulful vocals. The struggles of the lyrics are not uniquely her own, as any celeb can attest to. But given the drubbing Mother Monster has taken since the release of 'ARTPOP,' hearing Gaga sing the song on her own gives the lyrics that much more power, heft and immediacy. It allows the little monster to connect even more deeply to the song.

We like this "just Gaga" version better than the previous iterations. How about you, little monsters and PopCrushers?