Lady Gaga shared the third new music teaser for 'ARTPOP' via the iTunes Wireless Festival, aka #SwineFest, rehearsal footage she has been parsing out on a daily basis. She is a kind and generous Mother Monster.

It's a minute and five seconds of footage and Ma Monster is rolling around on the floor and busting moves with her dancers while topped by that big, frizzy brown wig.

As for the song, it's a slow burning, sultry number.

That's what we'd expect from a song called 'Sex Dreams' and which boasts a lyric "When I lay in bed / I touch myself and I think of you."

It feels like Gaga's version of disco.

The iTunes show streams live tomorrow (Sunday, Sept. 1) at 4PM ET -- so wake up from your 'Sex Dreams' and watch!

Gaga also tweeted more of the 'Sex Dreams' lyrics, as well.

ICYMI, you can watch the 'Swine' snippet and the 'Manicure' sample.

Gaga was also seen in London wearing a pig nose on her lovely face. It's all part of her #SwineFest motif and she's really playing the oinker thing to the hilt.

We can't wait until she ditches the piggy nose. We get that she's making a point and the lyrics to 'Swine' reference someone being a pig in a human body, but it's ... a pig nose.

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Oink Oink.

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We're waiting for Gaga to get literal with that "don't cast your pearls before swine" thing and wear pearls with her pig nose. Walk, walk, fashion baby!

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