Lady Gaga has gone topless for GQ Italy.

With smoky, sooty, black rimmed eyes, red-stained lips and her natural hair slicked back off her face, Gaga strikes a post (there's nothing to it, Vogue!) for the men's mag. She also flashes a red-painted nipple.

Notice that Gaga's 'ARTPOP' tattoo on her forearm is prominently featured, so she's promoting her album even when she's not.

It's a seductive shot.

We've censored it, but Ma Monster's scarlet lipstick matches her red-dipped nip! She has shown this look before, but on the front cover of a major magazine? Um, no. She covered up somewhat strategically on V.

Here's Ma Monster is letting it all hang out.

She really has spent much of the 'ARTPOP' promo cycle going topless and even bottomless in some cases. She even went full- frontal her Marina Abramovic video.

Shirts, bras, panties, clothes be damned. Actually, we take that last part back. Gaga is a clotheshorse but she's not above wearing her birthday suit as if it were the latest fashion (baby).