Lil Wayne is one of my favorite's in the music game. My world was shook on Friday night when I thought we all might lose him. I blasted his songs, monitored my email and every report to see what was going on . I went home and prayed for him, his family and YMCB on Friday. I did not think the world was ready to say good bye to Lil Wayne.

In his own words "I'm a beast, a goon and a martian, I am not the same" Weezy's confidence, swag, truth, struggles, business savvy make me a fan. I shared the musical Lil Wayne tribute on my show today. My feelings aren't any different than any other fan of his-  I want him to get better, to know that the whole world is cheering him on, that we can't  wait to sing more of his songs. Peace.

I want to know how you feel about Wayne, his music, his life? Reports tonight say Wayne is out of ICU and that his condition has stabilized.