Lil Wayne has been hinting at retiring for a while, and now the rapper is set to go on Skip Bayless' show, Undisputed, where the sports analyst will ask him straight up if he's going to retire, according to TMZ.

Of course, since Weezy started hinting at retirement earlier this month, and sent his fans into a frenzy, rappers included. Kendrick Lamar was so upset at the thought of Wayne retiring that last week, he made a video drunkenly pleading with him to stay in the game.

Despite his loyal fan base, and regularly performing, Wayne seems to have had a rough couple of months. Not only is he embroiled in an intense $54 million lawsuit against his old mentor and father-figure, Cash Money CEO Birdman, over unpaid royalties, but he's been the victim of swatting incidents, where someone calls the cops and reports a gruesome crime. The cops recently showed up in his house, and caused the rapper so much distress, he's now moving out of his home, even though it hasn't been sold as of yet.

All of that life drama has apparently caught up to Wayne but hopefully, he can start looking at music a tension release again, and use it to his advantage. We do already know that if he is retiring, it won't be before he releases an EDM project with former Cash Money producer Mannie Fresh, so at least there's that. He also just released a farewell to Cash Money, "Gudda Gudda." 

Undisputed, which also features Wayne's theme music, will air at 9:30 a.m. EST.


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