Poor Lindsay Lohan! As if she hasn't had enough egg on her face in the past several years. In her segment on 'The Tonight Show,' she and host Jimmy Fallon had a water war, where he threw a glass of water in her lovely face. But it was part of a game and he was the ultimate loser.

Based on the card game War, if you draw the losing hand, you get paid back with a dose of agua.

Fallon asked "Why is this happening," since he kept drawing the losing hand, to which LiLo joked, "Because I have OWN on my side," which really means talk show doyenne Oprah Winfrey is on her side.

La Lohan also poured a glass of H2O in Fallon's lap. She was adorably ruthless.

The looks on LiLo's face throughout the sketch were priceless, too.

She was a totally good sport and insanely likable throughout and didn't kill Fallon with the SuperSoaker when she could have. She totally soaked up the attention, though! Thanks, we'll be here all week.

Lohan's OWN series premieres this Sunday, March 9, while she also booked a guest spot on the CBS comedy '2 Broke Girls.'