Macklemore's pretty good on a mic, but who knew he could flex his artistic skills with a mural too? The rapper recently painted a mural on a wall at a local bar named the Bernard Shaw in Dublin, Ireland. The owners invited the rapper to create the image and the results were rather surprising.

The Picasso-esque piece is of a mustache-wearing man with exaggerated ears, nose and mouth. The Seattle native squeezed the image in between two existing graffiti pieces. Macklemore chose to use colors or brown, red and blues to create the large mural, which he shared on his Instagram page.

"You really painted that, Ben? It's great," one person wrote. "I love the way you love Ireland so much. Which means you love me and my people," wrote another.

Does the 'Can't Hold Us' rhymer have a career as a painter in the works? If so, it's fitting for the hip-hop landscape these days. Guys like Jay Z and Pharrell not only speak about art, but purchase it, create it and rap about it.