A woman went viral on Twitter after she seemingly caught her maintenance man boldly drinking on the job while servicing her apartment. Unbeknownst to him, he was being filmed by a home security camera at the time.

Sharing her story on social media, Chanel, a.k.a. @_iAdoreNelly on Twitter, warned others to closely monitor their unattended homes.

"I really can't believe my maintenance really was sitting on my couch drinking my wine out the bottle," Chanel revealed in an initial tweet about the incident, posted Sept. 13.

In a second tweet, she followed up her claim with footage of the incident. "I can't make this up," she captioned the video, which allegedly shows a man sitting on her couch, drinking straight from a bottle of white wine.

"Moral of the story get you some cameras," she quipped in another tweet.

Below, watch the viral video that's already been viewed over 5 million times on Twitter.

Twitter users were appalled by the footage.

"This is why I'll never live somewhere with maintenance who has access to my place again. After having them walk into my room unannounced while I was changing in college and didn't leave when I yelled for them to get out literally never again. I hated that they had master keys," one Twitter user wrote.

"I remember coming home earlier than usual to find the cleaning woman sitting on my couch w/ a glass of red wine, leafing through my Vogue magazine, with her feet on the coffee table wearing a pair of my heels," another shared.

"This was my maintenance guy years ago when he was supposed to be painting," yet another Twitter user replied, sharing an image of a man seemingly "charging his phone" and "napping" on the job on the floor of the user's home.

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